Coffee and Beer Soap with Vennture Brew Co

Its been forever since I made a soap video, post, or a soap for that matter. We've been traveling for the entire month of July, visiting friends, family and brand new babies - and now, a brand new coffee joint-brewery run by old friends. So of course I had to check this place out. Did you know that you can put just about ANYTHING (skin safe and/or edible) into soap? Things like coffee and beer!

I had been dreaming of making a coffee and beer soap forEVER but just never got around to it, or had the inspiration to do something fun with it. Then came along Vennture Brew Co. A brand spanking new and totally amazing coffee shop + brewery + open air hang out in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI run by Jake, Simon and Rob. I actually went to college with Jake back in 2001, and get this, he and the other owner Simon, were actually my wedding photographers. I was lucky enough to get my wedding pics taken by them while they were still photogs, because now, they are killing it with this new shop.

I happened to be traveling to Milwaukee for a month long visit this summer from Fort Lauderdale and it happened to be the week they opened so of course I jumped at the chance to check it out. Coffee, beer and community is what this place is all about. A chill place in Milwaukee to drink something awesome. I thought, well this is perfect. Coffee, beer, old friends. I have got to make a soap out of these ingredients for them and of course, myself because who doesn’t love a good coffee-beer soap?

I started with their logo, I knew I didn’t want to replicate it exactly, but I did want the main features to be present so I recreated the tri-level “V” with 3 soap color variations. The surrounding soap around the V (triangle shape) had granules of ground espresso mixed in, and the soap itself is made with beer and cold brewed coffee. I added Wasabi Fragrance oil because this is a wake you up kind of soap for guys and girls. Caffeine is known to give your skin a boost. It is actually used in many cosmetic products for the effervescent properties it has.

So there you go. A soap for everyone made with local, handmade ingredients. Oh, and they were nice enough to let me use their space to photograph these babies. And yes, I gave them more than enough soap than they could ever want or need….

If you are in the Milwaukee area, check this place out!


5519 W North Ave Milwaukee, WI 53208

My first Blog Post and FIRST interview (exciting!!!)

Thank you for visiting Silver Lining Soaps! In this post you will find out how Silver Lining Soap began, who is behind it and what's to come.

I should preface why this post is super special and a huge deal. I was interviewed by the soap making guru, Amanda Aaron of Lovin' Soap .  She's the soap making guru behind the (soap making website) and blog dedicated to teaching everything you could ever want to know about soap which she manages and runs with her husband, Benjamin. It is not only an excellent source of info through blog posts for everything soap, but it also offers a great selection of eBooks and classes on soap making. Tons of tutorials for free and a lot of great tips presented in a friendly and approachable way. Check out her blog Lovin' Soap and also read the interview she did with me, the creator of Silver Lining soap to find out how this began and what's next...