Neon Cubes scented with fragrance oil “green smoothie”



My interest in soap making started out with a simple bar soap for my baby, free of any yucky ingredients many soaps contain. Once I learned how to make soap, I discovered a world of art. Before that, I thought bar soaps were boring but realized they didn’t have to be. I love abstract art and have a passion for creating so I channel that through making soap when I can. My handmade, cold process soaps are colorful and usually have fun and interesting shapes and designs.

Soap making serves as a creative outlet for me and also my family. We all enjoy planning soap designs and using each and every soap I make.

Gwynne Olsen is the creator of Silver Lining Soap, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is a proud mom of 4 beautiful beings and has a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design from The University of Milwaukee, WI.

(Paraben free / cruelty free / skin loving)